Central Bank governor: All state revenues are supplied to the Bank's headquarters in Aden

Central Bank governor: All state revenues are supplied to the Bank's headquarters in Aden

Central bank governor Mohammad Al-reins said Thursday that all state revenues were being supplied to the Bank's headquarters in Aden, the interim capital of the country and that it had begun work on data-binding procedures with Marib central.

He said at a press conference in Aden that the government has a plan to reactivate oil production and export, which will boost state revenues and contribute to the recovery of the economy and Currency.

He said that he had started correspondence with Marib branch in order to know the supply of deposits to Aden.

He explained that the total value of the export of liquefied petroleum in Hadramawt supplied to the central bank every two months is about $150 million, 30 million dollars, including an operational budget for petromasilah $20 million shares of Hadramawt province, and $50 million worth of electricity fuel in Aden and its environs.

The government is in the process of starting to export oil from Shabwah and transferring its revenues to the central bank, he said.

"there are no grants provided to the central bank from any friend countries other than the three grants from Saudi Arabia, represented by the Saudi deposit of $2 billion, the $200 million grant and the oil derivatives grant for electricity in the amount of 60 million," he said.

"all The Saudi grants have a very positive effect in boosting services, local currency, and economy, as the state is under the current difficult phase and its revenue has ceased to bear a lot of burdens due to the global increase in fuel prices, where it used to buy electricity fuel by about 25 million," he said. dollars, and currently buys the same amount of $50 Million. "

The governor of the central bank said Saudi Arabia's $2 billion deposit is jointly managed by the Yemeni and Saudi Sides.

He said that the imaginary rise in foreign exchange prices has no economic justifications other than manipulating and provoking artificial crises.


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